What is the OCTA ?

  • Octa phones, as the name suggests, usually refers to the eight independent core of the phone. The processor is the heart of the mobile phone. On the market of smart phones have come into quad core dual core nuclear age eight, multi-core mobile processor, which usually refers to mobile processors of the multi-core CPU, including asynchronous multi nucleus (ASMP) and simultaneous multi nucleus (SMP) two kinds of structure. Synchronous multi nuclear refers to multiple CPU cores together with the same frequency and voltage to complete the same task; asynchronous multiple cores, a plurality of core with the same or different frequency and voltage separate implementation processing instruction, do not need to multiple start together to accomplish a task and cause unnecessary energy consumption.


    Synchronous asynchronous distinction: the synchronization of multiple CPU is a whole, no matter how many task instructions, both together to complete one, and then complete the next, and the computer CPU similar. Asynchronous multiple CPU can work independently, complete different tasks. When the first CPU does not meet the full load condition, the second CPU preferred to perform other tasks or idle (did not start); only in the first CPU is usually crowded with a large number of very serious situation, the second CPU will take the initiative to share the task of the first CPU. So it's not a rumor that a number of core cannot execute a task at the same time. MediaTek released first single real eight core mobile processor ---MT6592. With the Samsung Galaxy S4 is equipped with Dual Quad Core (false eight core), mt6592 processor is eight A7 architecture processor to work together, the highest 1.7GHz frequency to 2GHz. Equipped with a MT6592 eight core processor has been able to run more smoothly with the naked eye 3D function


    Octa mobile phone(non camera smartphone) as a mobile terminal products, the main purpose is to receive the phone, information transmission, video calls, social entertainment, video, entertainment, navigation and positioning, take pictures. Can support WIFI wireless network access, NFC access communications, wireless home security monitoring areas, and even to smooth support 3D bare eye function. Eight core mobile phone has a profound impact on the industrial chain of the mobile terminal, it is not just changed the phone, including the entire intelligent life circle.