FIFA 18 Spider's Web Ultimate Scream Squad Building Challenge:

  • FIFA 18 Ultimate Scream Halloween Squad Building Challenges are live! There are 4 Ulitmate Scream squad builder challenges amongst gamers and compaion app: Spider's Web, Rip around the Right, Spooky from the Centre and Madness inside the Middle form FIFA Coins Android October 21 to November 3. Complete fifa 17 halloween squads with amazing rewards, including Mario Gaspar, Costa, Payet and Ultimate Team exclusive kit. Well, get share you the simple and easy cheap FIFA 18 Spiders Web Ultimate Scream Squad Builder Challenge for Ultimate Scream Kit.


    Rewards: 1x Ultimate Scream Exclusive Kit

    Solve the Spider's Web Challenge to earn a skeleton kit. Max. 5 same league players, 5N3L squad, 9 Players with 8 Gold Players, the minimum Team Chemistery is 84. What's more, MMOAH pledge to sell cheap FIFA Mobile Coins to gamers from around the world.What's more, MMOAH pledge to sell cheap FIFA Mobile Coins to gamers from around the world.