Messi wedding will not receive money

  • Messi left the Argentine national team ahead of the holidays, in Ibiza and friends Fabregas, Suarez gathered yacht. His wedding preparation is also in progress. To ensure the safety of the guests, the Messi family even hired the Israeli security company to intervene. Messi's home, Rosario, is the third largest city in Argentina, behind Buenos Aires and Córdoba. Rosario to gangs rampant, very high crime rate is known, gangs also large-scale penetration into the two important teams in Rosario's extreme fan organization.
    The city of Rosario is happy to go home to do the wedding, but also for the security problems headache. "This type of ritual will greatly trigger the international community's concern for Rosario, and we have to ensure that the order of the city is in place to ensure that the ceremony is going on." The city government can certainly do it, of course, And a lot of visitors on the Macy's are international celebrities. Messi family then hired an Israeli security company, the company has a wealth of international anti-terrorism experience, for many years to provide security services for wealthy celebrities. The company's personnel have been stationed in Rosario for several weeks in advance, and their mission is to fine study the geographical layout and roadmap of the wedding to ensure that guests are free from any interference.
    At first, the Messi family wanted the wedding to be admitted to a hotel in the Parana River on the north side of Rosario. And then decided to change to the city center casino in the bus hotel (also translated into Pullman hotel), and set the hotel all the rooms.
    Guests a total of 250 people to Barcelona and Argentina national team members and their families. There are 150 foreign journalists for the interview documents, the future of Argentina reported the first wedding of football. Journalists can be in the hotel outside the Las Flores area to shoot, it is said here is the "monkey" gangs the most powerful areas of abuse.
    For the guests, Messi hoped that they would not have to consider the gift, but to his personal charitable foundation to provide a random amount of donations as a gift.