Has been supported by Messini


    After the failure of last season, Barcelona is determined to rebuild their midfield this summer, recently, according to the "Daily Express" message, Barcelona hope to introduce Tottenham midfielder Ali, it is learned that the deal has been Barcelona Two stars Nei Maer and Messi's support.

    Last season, Barcelona's performance is not satisfactory, La Liga also rivals Real Madrid to suppress. Midfielder decline is the direct cause of the poor performance of the team, Iniesta and Buscott's old makes Barcelona need new people to enhance the team midfielder's vitality. However, so far, Barcelona in the transfer market is still not an important harvest.

    Previously, Barcelona intends to introduce Liverpool Kutiniao and Paris Saint-Germain Verati to strengthen the team midfielder, however, Liverpool and Paris Saint Germain have rejected the Barcelona offer to the players. Barcelona had to turn to the eyes of Guangzhou Hengda Taobao team midfielder Paulinho(click LOLGA), the former Tottenham midfielder in the transfer to China after the outstanding performance in 90 games scored 27 goals. However, just a Paulinho is not enough to help Barcelona in the next season against the heyday of Real Madrid.

    So, Barcelona's latest goal will be the young Ali, the club will be at all costs to sign the 22-year-old Tottenham midfielder, it is learned that the deal has been to Messi and Nei Maer as the representative of the Barcelona locker room support. Last season, Ali in Tottenham outstanding performance, played 50 times throughout the season scored 22 goals, Tottenham eventually ranked second in the Premier League absolute hero. Ali did not rule out the possibility of leaving the team in an interview: "No matter after 15 years I will retire in Tottenham, for me, the most important thing is to enjoy the whole process.