Bayern 1-0 Hoffenheim into the final

  • In the second day of the German Telecom Cup second semi-final, Bayern at home with Levantavsky's goal 1-0 victory over Hoffenheim, and Bremen met the final. Just joined the Bayern Colombian midfielder J Luo did not play. Germany Telecom Cup this year, the second semi-finals of the contest(click LOLGA), Bayern Munich against Hoffenheim. Interestingly, the two teams have just completed the Gnaburi deal, which will be leased next season to join Hoffenheim.

    After the start of the game, the strength of the Bayern to take advantage of the field to take the initiative. The first 7 minutes, Bayern made a dream start, Franck Ribery and Bernard side of the road to play with, Bernard under the end of the pass, after the follow-up of Levandovsky's wonderful volley volley will score rewrite , 1-0 Bayern lead. Followed by Bayern continue to strengthen the offensive, the first 20 minutes, Bayern through a wonderful team to find the opportunity, Franck Ribery and Mueller hit the wall after the match, the ball was defensive player denied. 5 minutes later, Bayern once again get a great opportunity. Franck Ribery and Levin in the restricted area played a wonderful match, Franck Ribery missed, after the point of the Mueller Park pass, in front of the plugged Tiago face half an empty door header actually in the top Pillars, Bayern missed the opportunity to expand the score. 36 minutes, Bayern again missed the opportunity, Tiago breakthrough to the restricted area before the ball to Levin, the latter face the goalkeeper clever heel pass to keep up with the Mueller, but Mueller's shot was Hoffenheim goalkeeper Bell brave to resolve. Followed by both sides of the game have never created a good opportunity, the final 1-0 score to the end, Bayern qualify for the final, they will compete with Bremen champion.