The little Han refresh three Singapore

  • The number of podiums this season, Vettel, Xiaohan and Botas at the same time podium thirteen times tied for LOLGA first place, followed by Red Bull Racing Ricardo. A total of 11 track records were refreshed this season, with Vittel refreshing five circuits in Azerbaijan, Belgium, Malaysia, the United States and Mexico.

    The little Han refresh three Singapore, Austria and the United Kingdom track, the remaining three were partitioned by Raikkonen, Vestapan and Perez. The first row of the season the number of runs, Ferrari 19 times 19 times the Mercedes-Benz Mercedes-Benz ranked first in 18, three and four were occupied by Red Bull and Williams, it is worth mentioning that Williams striker Stroll also this year Broke the record of the youngest driver in the front row.

    The highest speed throughout the year is Vettel ran out of 362.4km / h in Mexico. Hamilton made up to 18 fastest laps. The longest time is Azerbaijan station, the shortest time is the Italian station. The hottest season is Hungary, the coldest is China.