The Saints did not hesitate

  • The second half began, the Saints obviously slack defense, and the Panthers attack was significantly more efficient, but the Reds attack extremely, the Panthers free kick to tie it at 21:12. Saints Although the defensive team slack off, but the attack team or keep the fire, kicker Will - Lutz hit 57 yards free kick, 24:12. Into the fourth quarter, the Panthers first completed a fourth gear into the red zone, and then fake Newton fake hands quickly shot, Greg - Olsen took the step to create empty when the ball touchdown, Panthers will be reduced to 5 points , 24:19. Next Panthers quarterback Cam - Newton was the collision, Panthers reversed the prospect of worrying .


    The Saints did not hesitate, Drew - Bups out of the pocket long pass to find the outsider Michael - Thomas advance to the end area, run Alvin - Kamala very daring to complete the first career playoffs A touchdown, 31:19. What is the cross-sea side heroic nature, Newton pass running guard Christian - McCafferty, the latter after the ball took thousands of miles to take the monopropelter 56 yards to complete touchdowns, Panthers catch up with the shortest time the score again, 31: 26. Panthers 2 minutes before the official suspended finished calling all the suspension, the Saints team radical 4 file 2 yards strong defeat, the Panthers took the ball back to launch the last wave of attack, Newton two mind before passing to kill the Red Zone, Saints team defensive group fawns, Panthers 4 files 23rd hit, saint security Vernon - Bell assault slay Newton, the end of the game 31:26.