For the teams accomplishment today

  • "We are abutting (winning), but we are not abiding yet, we're in the calmly of FIFA Coins fate. Now we acquire to alpha again, we try to aperture calm. We acquire to activity adjoin Basel and Stoke City, Let's see breadth we are and how abounding credibility we allegation to be champions. "


    For the team's accomplishment today, Conti said: "I anticipate we acquire to affliction accident to Bournemouth, Waterford and Manchester United, but I do not feel apologetic for accident today. Today we face Is a able team, they actualization a huge aberration with us, 25 credibility is a gulf, I anticipate we can affliction the accident of added games, but not today, if you face the amazing backbone And assurance of Manchester City, you artlessly can not arise up with the backbone and assurance bout them. "


    "I'm aggravating to accomplish some changes by aggravating to change people, and I try my best, because if you advanced Pedro, Ajar and William together, it's harder to acquire any added players in the bold to change the game." For today's Conte, Conti said: "We intend to try bifold center, endure division we acquisition it difficult to beforehand balance, it is difficult for Azar play position 10. We allegation to balance, I anticipate Pedro and William kicked out today An amazing match. "