If they win the championship,

  • However, Chelsea have now reached the FA Cup semi-final. If they win the championship, can the FA Cup save Chelsea's failed season to some extent? In this regard, Adjara said: "I hope that for us and Chelsea fans, we can achieve some results at the end of the season, we still have the FA Cup to compete, so we need to bring this championship to Stamford Bridge at the end of the season. ."


    However, Aspiriz Quetta who scored a goal against West Ham last weekend believes that even if Chelsea win the FA Cup, they are not enough to make up for the team's regret on other fronts: "The FA Cup is a huge champion. , has a long history, but that is not enough for us, we will want to win the championship, but this trophy can not save our season, got a draw in another London Derby to disappoint all of us, We are not happy."


    Chelsea defender Rudigger is dissatisfied with why Chelsea are shrugging for a 1-0 lead over West Ham: "I don't understand why we always have to withdraw our defense after the 1-0 lead, allowing opponents to get more possession of the ball. In the second half, we could have ended the game, but like in the past few months, we couldn’t do it and lose the ball.”