In the 15th minute of the second quarter

  • In the 15th minute of the second quarter, the Jets got the chance to score again. Leine took the ball and broke the shot on the right. He was saved by Dubnik, and finally caught up with Kelly Conner and caught a shot from behind. Dubnik's eye-wielding hands will quickly resolve the threat. The second quarter, 17 minutes and 37 seconds, the Jets finally relied on the strong blow to wear the wild team's iron barrel. Wheeler returned the blue line on the right lane and Bai Fulin returned to Wheeler. The leader of  NHL Coins the jet led the ball into the right side of the scrimmage circle and discovered an opportunity to cross the ball. Shayfeller did not stop the ball directly in the middle of the groove area. The goal was straight and Dubnik caught off guard. The jet led 1-0 and will lead. The advantage is maintained until the end of the second quarter.


    In the third quarter, the Wild Team began an orderly counterattack, 1 minute 46 seconds. Wild forward forward Jordan Greenway drew from the right side of the midfield to the left of the blue zone. He aimed at the opportunity to sweep the door to the penguin horse. Coulter-Cullen made a breakthrough at the crucial moment and the Wild Team 1-1 equalized. After 3 minutes and 58 seconds, the wild team organized a counterattack again. After a big shot in the backcourt of Coyevo, the wild team directly formed a chance to hit 2 to 1 in the blue zone. After Grandlund took the ball, there was an exaggerated drawbar dummy. Defensive Morrow sent the ball to the back point, Chuck Parish rushed into the ball before Herabak. The Wild Team 2-1 overtakes the score. The wild team is just like a Tai Chi master. Suddenly, the wild team has suddenly been killed in an instant. Although the scene was suppressed by the jet, it still scored a leading score.