It is as authentically crass as any reality show in

  • (Cowher) calls Pat the next morning and says, ‘I’d like to be a part of that,’” Young told me at Electronic Arts’ northern California home earlier this month. “It’s surreal to have a future hall of famer — from your favorite team — want to  Madden Mobile Account be a part of your thing.”


    Yet ultimately, Young told him no thanks.Not entirely. Cowher still cameos in Longshot (as does Kirwan). But Young’s original drafts had Cowher in the Jack Ford role, he said. And yet all of Young’s excitement of working with Cowher gave way to the reality that he just could not write him into it. Young was having enough trouble getting Devin into a sympathetic state. “Our first revision, maybe one out of three people couldn’t get on board,” Young recalled.


    Longshot’s coach “needed to have his own reason to be there, to have his own story to make it interesting,” Young said. In Longshot, a reality-show competition is the vehicle to get Devin to the NFL Draft. It is as authentically crass as any reality show in, well, reality. The show “Longshot” is produced by a self-absorbed eel named Ross, the kind of person people don’t interact with unless they really need something from him. Mentally, Young couldn’t fit Cowher, who in real life could have his pick of any coaching vacancy but is happy to stay retired, into such a situation.