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  • Recently,an accident made many football fans heartbreaking. The plane which carrying Brazil premier League team Sharp Kerns players crashed in Columbia, resulting in 71 people were killed, most of them are the Pakistan players, coaches and staff. Many football organizations have announced that it will hold a memorial ceremony.
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    Sharpe Kerns is a professional football team in southern Brazil, the flight is to participate in the top football club in South America - the South American liberator cup finals. The accident brings to mind the 1958 crash in Munich, when the England Premiership giants Manchester United have 8 players killed in the accident. One of the survivors Sir Busby in Manchester United,who won the European Championship, was also treated as a legend. Now we are willing the deceased to rest.

  • 4/5/17 at 1:10 AM -
    4/30/17 at 9:30 AM
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