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  • FIFA17 Changes the Difficulty of the Game According to Your Level?
    Recently, a huge news broke in "FIFA17" community, some game players seem to find that the difficulty level would be automatically adjusted with the game players’ level in the game. For these game players who do not know the "balance" system "secretly" adjust the difficulty of the game which is based on the level of the game player. As a benchmark product of the football game , EA did not mention any information about the characteristics of the game. If you want cheap coins, please click here.
    However, the smart game players found something different through the "FIFA17" file, game player found a code of "team chemistry" is hidden in the FIFA ultimate team, the data will vary from 0 - 100.
    In addition, other game players also found that the system automatically adjusts the difficulty of the game according to the data, the rate of the ball and so on. The characteristics is called "adaptive difficulty". It is not known whether it will be used in stand-alone or online mode.
    Some game players launched the "EA explained" activity by group. They hope that EA can come forward to clarify the thing about difficulty of the game is adjusted. Players think that the difficulty of game should not be changed because of their performance. If you need cheap fifa17 coins, please feel free to visit
    If this feature is really used in online mode ,as a result that some benefits of game players will be affected. Whatever, we also hope that EA can come forward to explain the truth.
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    4/29/17 at 1:00 AM
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FIFA17 Changes the Difficulty of the Game