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  • Shadow hunter
    -Stormy kick
    To make enemy stun
    -Eagle eye [Team buff]
    Increase Cri dmg by 25%
    -Wolf tamer
    Able to call friendly wolf [1500 bns gold]
    -Wolf force
    To make your Wolf run out to attack nearby enemy.

    Ready to parry and completely blocked any attack for 5 times [15 sec]
    -Counter attack
    Do special attack when enemy attacked while your parry ability on.
    -Blood enhanced [Passive ability]
    Increase HP for 12% of your health

    -Time controller
    reduce all abilities by 15% permanent
    -Bow training
    When you focus on bow you will able to get bonuses for who equiped bow only
    Increase physical attack by 5%
    Increase attack speed 10%
    Increase the range of shooting + 5 tiles

    Fae Trickster
    -Faes' decoys enchanted [Passive ability]
    Faes' decoys can attack enemy by themselves but low damage

    To decrease movement speed enemy around you
    -Intelligence [Team buff]
    increase magic dmg by 10%

    -Fae Beam XI
    Press this ability and hold M1 for beam charge Do long range attack and really deal massive dmg

    Neon Ninja
    -Bleeding blow
    Cause of bleeding decease enemy health by -10% of max heath 5 per sec / do bleeding for 3 seconds
    -Agility [Team buff]
    increase attackspeed by 20% team buff
    To hide from danger. your teammate can see you unlike the enemy couldn't find you. Ninja come out from hidden if they get random attacked where ninja hiding. Undead mob can find you if you do hide. Note: energy regen stop when you hid. for 30 sec
    -Shadow clone
    Create your friendly mate with same abilities same character to help you and use ability randomly. Work for 10 seconds

    -Cross slash
    Jump and draw 2 lines for a cross push the enemy back for 3 tiles [attack for 3 times maximum]
    -Brave [Team buff]
    Increase Physical dmg UP by 10%
    -Bull rush
    Increase Movement speed up by 70% for a short time [4 sec]
    -Justice break
    slam the enemy for very massive dmg and paralize for 2.5sec

    Tomb Raiser
    -Minion blast
    Every minions will run to the enemy and explode for massive dmg.
    -Minions' evolved [Passive ability]
    all minions now hold their weapon (sword) when you called more dmg
    call Girm reaper to protect you. Very powerful and has 50k Health

    Candy Barbarian
    -Sour candy [Team buff]
    boost attackspeed for short time
    -Chocolate strike
    Attack with chocolate to make enemy slow down
    explode yourself deal massive dmg around you and get some bonuses

    -Cure [Team buff]
    Clean all debuffs that harm you and teammate around you
    -Healing wave [Team buff]
    Heal teammate around you by 20%of max health

    Luna lancer
    -Moon jump
    Able to do 5 jumps in once time
    -Rapid stab
    Do very rush attack has a few chance to stun enemy [stab for 10 times] with moderate dmg
    -Wind walk [Team buff]
    Increase movement speed up by 10% and increase Eva 20%

    -Hell fire [Passive ability]
    Fire attack increase by 20 % , fire resist 30% and 100% to burn enemy when Draco attacked.
    -Fire ball
    Hold your ability [M1]and wait for full fire charge then launch it ahead for a massive dmg.

    -Blind shot
    To make your enemy blind [all black on their screen] for a short time but low dmg.
    -Sharp eye [Team buff]
    Increase Cri hit by 25% teambuff
    -Cowboy's coin
    Flick a coin for speacial ability
    cost 1-10 Trove Flux
    [randomly 1-3 coins ]

    Ice sage
    -Pure ice [Passive ability]
    Increase ice attack by 12% resist ice attack by 30%
    -Ice lance
    Create a big ice cube fall down and crash the enemy for massive dmg
    -Ice wall
    Create the ice wall in front of you for a short time

    Captain pirate
    -Evolved beer
    Get new idea for create any new technology from drinking beer.
    and get 1 P coin
    -Laser turret MG900 auto machine
    Very fast attackspeed but low dmg
    Cost 1 P coin

    This is the special ability .you can control a Large Gun by sitting on the turret. do very blade and soul gold Trove should add more abilities do more combos. so what do you think with this?
  • 12/1/15 at 1:00 AM -
    12/31/15 at 1:00 AM
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Blade and Soul: Added new class abilities for 4 each classes