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  • At its prime, World of Warcraft was the premiere MMO experience, getting virtual you will find millions of subscribers. Since then, however, subscriber numbers have dropped off substantially, to the issue that developer Blizzard has created some radical changes on the base experience.

    One on the changes Blizzard is trying to deploy before long is a refocus on new plus much more frequent content through their expansions. In fact, the developer is reportedly seeking to up the frequency of these expansion releases to at least one a year.

    While World of Warcraft fans anxiously await the release on the Warlords of Draenor expansion — that can bring with it a huge amount of new content, along with a quicker solution to hit the brand new level 100 cap — it’s difficult to not to notice that is only the fifth expansion within the MMO’s 9-year history. And, the fact is, Blizzard has started to take notice too.

    According to Lead Systems Designer Greg Street, Blizzard always sees an uptick in subscribers after having a World of Warcraft expansion release, whether it is The Burning Crusade or Mists of Pandaria. Street acknowledges that comprehensive patches help Blizzard retain their player base, but only expansion releases pull in returning and new
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Blizzard Interested in Annual ‘World of Warcraft’ Expansion