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  • High-quality fabrics on the material ratio, dyeing and finishing process have a very strict requirements. Quality fabrics, not only in the entire production process is not easy deformation, twisted condition, the appearance of their clothing more beautiful visual effect of high gloss, high texture, while the dress, clothing is also more comfort and softness than conventional fabrics . In addition, the clothing styles, but also to show through the fabric, pattern, color, texture, fabric and other factors also have a significant impact on the finished style and comfort.

    Adhering to the heart of every product fabric awe, knittingfabric in the early R & D team on the choice of fabrics, especially a sense of quality fabrics and attention to environmental protection, higher than the national standard selection of high-quality materials, comfortable for teens wearing experience.

    For example, in autumn and winter fabrics of choice, the knittingfabric will be more focus put on the practical and thermal properties of fabrics. As in recent years, large outdoor hot Jackets, knittingfabric on a selection of professional outdoor fabrics - woven synthetic fiber made from ultra-fine, the special structure of the fabric has excellent abrasion resistance, tear resistance and strength, good material fully give warm clothing, windproof, waterproof, and other functions, for young people to bring high-quality, outdoor experiences.

    And widely used in the market fleece, knittingfabric also adopted a 32 compact Siro spinning cotton yarn, needle syringe 19 by the encrypted sweater weaving machine, so that the fabric soft and easily deformed, durable and strong resistance. Due to the special nature of weaving, dyeing knittingfabric has used in high temperature dyeing polyester dyed with the active set, so that the fabric color fastness far exceeding the national standard, and better than similar products on the market, tight fabric, shrinkage stable and easy deformation.

    In addition to outdoor fabrics, fleece, knittingfabric autumn and winter fabrics but also a large selection of high-quality cashmere is not inverted, matte beads sails, dyed color, double-layer composite lace, wool, woolen, corduroy, cloth is more more use super soft velvet, velveteen imitation, two brush fleece, feel good, warm and strong. Meanwhile, the knittingfabric through precise weighing instrument to ensure the quality of each batch of fabric, for young people both warm and fashionable wearing experience.

    At the same time, knittingfabric also recognize that clothing is not only a combination of fabrics, colors and stitches, but also a cultural symbol. As a new generation of 21st century family of teenagers, gathered personalized fashion and vigor in one. Therefore, knittingfabric combination of product design properties, follow the international trend in every piece of fabric choice, and strive to present the most trendy and fashionable for young people to wear products.More information, please visit:
  • 3/1/16 at 1:00 AM -
    10/31/17 at 1:00 AM
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knittingfabric combination of product design properties